Looking for a reliable tradesman?


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With so many rogue traders out there targeting vulnerable people, it can be difficult to find a tradesperson you can trust. So don't leave it to chance. Evergreen has a list of reliable traders we can recommend to you

What is the service?

As a Charity that helps older vulnerable people, it has been necessary over the years to find local companies that can provide work to our clients whilst trying to ensure they are not overcharged, receive a good standard of work and are happy with the end result. Because of this, we have built a good working relationship with a number of businesses and individual traders who we can call on when needed. They have an affinity with the work of Evergreen, and because of the feedback we receive from our clients, we trust that the work provided is done to an excellent standard.

Why do we offer it?

Evergreen has heard many stories of older people being ripped off or scammed by rogue traders. This is why it is important NOT to call someone advertising on a flyer or local paper or someone cold calling, but instead give us a call to see if we know anyone who can help. We want to ensure, as far as possible, that you or a loved one are protected from these kinds of activities and receive the service that you expect.


Although Evergreen Care UK cannot guarantee the quality of work, nor be held responsible for poor workmanship, honest feedback from YOU can go some way to ensuring you and others will receive a good quality standard of work at a competitive rate. This is why someone from our office may give you a call just to ensure you have had a good experience with the trader you have hired. Should anything go wrong, we will endeavour to help you resolve any issues and can discuss with the trader what went wrong.

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How can I find out more?

To find out more, or request a certain trade, please call the office on 01322 431765 where we will endeavour to find you a reputable tradesperson.


Remember, we can find you most trades from Builders to photographers or accountants to Solicitors and everything in-between and is open to anyone in our community.

“Treat others as you would like to be treated… Love each other as I have loved you” – Jesus