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Careline 365 Service

Worried your loved ones have had a fall or accident?

What is the service?

Do you have a loved one living alone and worry about them having a fall or accident? If so, our lifeline24 Telecare Service can help give you that peace of mind.

The lifeline24 Telecare Service is connected to your phoneline and is operated by the push of a button on a pendant, which can be worn on your wrist or round your neck. The service operates 24hrs a day so if you have had a fall, worried about a possible break-in, or are feeling very unwell, help is always on hand.

Why do we offer it?


It can be a worry when you live alone and wonder how you would get help should you have a fall or accident. Evergreen's Lifeline24 Telecare Service can give you that peace of mind, knowing help is only a button push away.


How can I find out more?

If you would like further information on our Lifeline24 Service, please call our office on 01322 431765 or fill out our online form

Evergreen was founded as our response to the growing challenges we see within the care sector. Launched in 2014, we have supported well over 2000 older people in the Bexley and surrounding Boroughs with a range of services. But what makes our Charity stand out from the rest is the wonderful relationships our staff build with their clients and their family members.


Our mission is simple: Through Christian love, we seek to support people to achieve the highest quality of life and self-worth. Leading with innovation, treating with compassion and valuing each person, we enrich lives, improve the health and wellbeing of communities, and respect and care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people, bringing peace of mind to those we serve. Our mission calls us to care for the sick and disadvantaged as expressed in Matthew 25:35-40

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