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Community Partnership

Building Communities Changing Lives

A partnership that thrives

The Evergreen Community Partnership has been launched as our response to the growing problems we see within the care sector. Most people have had some experience of looking after an older member of the family, or maybe one of your friends or colleagues have. Some will have experienced the anxiety, frustration and sometimes anger at the lack of quality support their loved ones have received.


Here at Evergreen, we are determined to provide the care that our older generation deserve, whether this be providing friendship services to help with loneliness and isolation, practical support around the home, to assisting people with their personal needs. But the challenges in Social Care are many, and we understand we can’t do this alone.


This is why we have launched the Evergreen Community Partnership, giving Businesses, Churches, Schools and individuals the opportunity to support us in our work and help make a difference to the community where you live and work.


Below explains how you can support our work but for further details please click on the relevant link on the left. 

Become a Business Partner

Business partners are the local small and large businesses that support Evergreen Care UK through monthly financial donations or donations of resources / time for Evergreen to use. 

Become a Faith Partner

Local Churches and Congregations who will provide financial and pastoral support, as well as space to help support Evergreen Care UK in it's projects and missions.

Be a Friend of Evergreen

The local and non-local residents who support through financial donations every month.

Become a school partner

Choose Evergreen as your chosen Charity and raise funds. Provide opportunities for pupils


How can I find out more?

If you would like further information on becoming a Community Partner for Evergreen, please complete our Community Partner Form or call us on 01322 431765, where we can advise you in the best way you may be able to help.

We have many opportunities for businesses, churches and individuals to get involved and help Evergreen Care UK deliver it's message and care across Bexley and Dartford.

Hear from some of our Community Partners
How does my business help Evergreen Care UK?
Community Partner Enquiry Form
How do you want to support Evergreen Care UK

Thank you for your enquiry. Our CEO will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your application.

Communty Partne Enquiry Form
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