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About Evergreen Care UK

We believe there is a better way to treat older people.


Our story so far


Evergreen Care UK (formerly Evergreen Care Bexley) became a registered charity in 2013 and is based on a Christian model of care being provided by the Evergreen Care Trust in Stamford. We knew that we could replicate the success to the unique demographic of Bexley Borough.

Evergreens' founders, Pete and Diane, have 60 years combined experience caring for the elderly. They believe there is a better way to treat people as they grow older and become more vulnerable.

In 2013, Pete and Diane held a conference to gain awareness and support from the Church community with the intention of launching their own Evergreen. They were astounded when 111 people representing 35 churches in Bexley turned up to hear their message.

Since its launch, Evergreen has provided support to over 2000 clients. They currently have 65 members of staff and over 170 volunteers, looking after over 600 vulnerable older people in the community. Evergreen became a London Living Wage Employer in March 2017, something quite unique in the care industry. Evergreen prides themselves on looking after their staff as well as their clients.

Changing the industry

In recognition of Evergreen’s work in the community during the Covid pandemic, we have been awarded the Civic Recognition Award 2021.

Evergreen Care proudly won Best Charity in the 'Bexley Business Excellence Awards in 2018 and Best Community Care Organisation at the 'Bexley Caring At Its Best Awards' in 2018 and 2019. Evergreen has also won Best Supportive Communities at the 2018 'Faith in the Community Awards', in conjunction with the Bexley Interfaith Forum and Bexley Council.


Evergreens' success to date is largely down to its willingness to work in and with the community. From our 'in community' recruitment of staff and volunteers. to the support of Business partnerships via the Business Beacon Project - Evergreen continues to change the lives of older people, one life at a time.


We have come together with a common purpose in response to the needs of older vulnerable people living in our community. It represents a commitment to the resolution of the dilemmas of ageing, with God-inspired solutions that respond to local pressing and changing needs.

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Our values


To value every human being with due regards for their feelings, wishes and rights. To treat others how we would have them treat ourselves.


To work with others for the good of our community and to lead the way in care standards and influence others.


To apply Christian principles and have a genuine concern for people, to seek justice and bring peace in our dealings with others.


To excel in excellence in all we do bringing confidence to our community in our service of care and support.


To foster an ethos of care and service throughout the organisation and promote the Christian Care Values of love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control into the community


To incline on the side of generosity in our dealings with staff, volunteers, clients and the wider community. To value it is more blessed to give than to receive.


To guide all members of Evergreen through training so they will be skilled, equipped and adopt the correct behaviour required for their chosen area of work.


To oversee the work of Evergreen with sound governance and financial controls and use God’s blessing to serve our community.

“Treat others as you would like to be treated… Love each other as I have loved you” – Jesus

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What services do we offer?

Evergreen Care UK offers a range of care and befriending services

Business Support

Evergreen Care UK offers a range of care and befriending services

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Evergreen Care UK offers a range of care and befriending services

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