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We believe there is a better way to treat older people.

Darren Latty
Chief Operations Officer

Evergreen continues to help the vulnerable in your community by providing services  that otherwise wouldn’t be there. We are committed to the communities we serve, closely abiding in the love we share for one another as neighbours.

The need for love and compassion is no more important than when are faced with joyless times. We actively promote social inclusion by preventing the elderly and vulnerable from becoming socially excluded. Our services are aimed at assisting the elderly in maintaining an active role with their homes and communities.

Now more than ever, we stand and advocate for those who are vulnerable and most in need. The responsibility is to one another to show compassion and a commitment to love our neighbour.

Office Manager

I have always worked in the caring field either hands on or within an office setting. I started my time with Evergreen as a befriender, I had time to give and love listening to older people; there is so much we can learn from them.

When a role came up in the office I jumped at the chance. I enjoy the variety of my role as office manager and no two days are ever the same.

The Serenity Prayer holds great meaning for me and I try and apply it in all aspects of my life but it certainly helps me to maintain a level head at Evergreen.

Service Coordinator Assistant

I wanted to be part of Evergreen long before I took up the post of service coordinator assistant. Diane (the founder of Evergreen) had such passion that I wanted to be part of it



I am proud to be a part of the office team and especially enjoy helping those who don’t have anyone else in their lives. Its great to be able to make a difference every day.

Support Services Coordinator

My training for Evergreen has been 52 years of life experiences. Good, bad and a few ugly. The up’s & down’s, swings & roundabouts are what we all have in common as people, and its people that Evergreen are all about.


The best part of my Evergreen role is visiting potential clients prior to taking up our service. Often they and their families are confused, unfamiliar of what to expect from a care organisation. Sometimes their concerns are of such a worry that they can seem suspicious, even hostile. 


Pete and Diane have installed honesty, loyalty and belief which has created a spiralling effect down through our staff and back again from our clients. Evergreen’s christian ethos is strong, but whatever your beliefs are, Evergreen does the right things, in the right way for the right reasons. That is our common ethos.

Admin Assistant

Working for Evergreen means belonging to a community of people who genuinely care. Each and every client we come into contact with either by phone or in person are treated as part of the Evergreen family.


Being part of Evergreen means going above and beyond any job specification as all that we do it from the heart and we adapt to the needs of our clients as and when their needs change or in emergency and unseen situations. 


Working from a Christian ethos and following the example of Jesus provides something quite exceptional and unique as we work with the more vulnerable and often lonely and isolated that we come into contact with.

Support Services Coordinator

I often have conversations with client families who are seeking support workers that will look after their family members in the same way they would care for them. 


Our staff often go that extra mile to provide the comfort and reassurance to both the client and the family.   For example, buying a particular food because they remember what the client likes, just to cheer up their day. 


Also, perhaps a warm word of encouragement over the telephone to reassure them when they are feeling confused or overwhelmed by the world’s expectations. Our home support workers often become trusted friends through supporting their wellbeing.

Friendship Co-ordinator

I started working for Evergreen in 2015 as a Home Support Worker after chatting to Pete. His passion and caring attitude encouraged me and I have never looked back. Clients very quickly became friends and I have had some amazing experiences, including taking one client to weekly seated exercise classes and playing the piano with another.


Sometimes just sitting at the dining room table and eating together can mean so much when you always eat alone….The role of Events coordinator came up and I went for it. Overseeing events and outreach including Vintage Afternoon Teas, Dance through the decades, Business networking events, Prayer and worship nights and sell out Quizzes.


It has been a real privilege to share our vision within the local community…We can’t believe how blessed we are to work with such amazing volunteers and clients. Forming partnerships and seeing the friendships blossom is such a blessing and we have big plans for the future

Friendship Co-ordinator

I joined Evergreen at the start of 2019 as a volunteer Befriender and was introduced to a lovely lady who has become a very good friend.  In June I was fortunate enough to join Evergreen as a Friendship Coordinator and enjoyed getting to meet our fabulous volunteers and clients.  Then, only 8 months in to this lovely role, we were hit by the COVID pandemic and I suddenly had to adapt to working from home and helping to set up a brand new Telephone Befriending service.  I can honestly say there is never a dull moment!


It is a privilege to have a job which enables me to meet a range of amazing and interesting people, where I get to see loving and deep friendships forming between our clients and their befrienders and knowing that in some small way we have helped to reduce the isolation that many people in our local community experience.


I am grateful to God for bringing me to Evergreen and for blessing me with the support of a lovely team of people to work alongside. 

Friendship Co-ordinator

I started working for Evergreen in 2018 as a home support worker. I heard about Evergreen through my mother in law who is also a home support worker. I couldn’t believe the family orientated and supportive presence that I first got when meeting Pete, Diane and everyone else in the office.


I have had many clients over these three years and some of the same from the beginning. I have built some amazing relationships with them and heard some very fascinating life stories. I would take one of my clients to Elderberries every Monday afternoon where she would have a cup of tea, lunch and socialise. Another, I have fish and chips with every Friday evening which she really looks forward to.


Working for Evergreen is a real privilege and is so different from any other care organisation I have worked for. I am now also a Friendship Coordinator and am really enjoying my new role. It amazes me how many clients and volunteers have built such meaningful friendships.

Our values


To value every human being with due regards for their feelings, wishes and rights. To treat others how we would have them treat ourselves.


To work with others for the good of our community and to lead the way in care standards and influence others.


To apply Christian principles and have a genuine concern for people, to seek justice and bring peace in our dealings with others.


To excel in excellence in all we do bringing confidence to our community in our service of care and support.


To foster an ethos of care and service throughout the organisation and promote the Christian Care Values of love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control into the community


To incline on the side of generosity in our dealings with staff, volunteers, clients and the wider community. To value it is more blessed to give than to receive.


To guide all members of Evergreen through training so they will be skilled, equipped and adopt the correct behaviour required for their chosen area of work.


To oversee the work of Evergreen with sound governance and financial controls and use God’s blessing to serve our community.

“Treat others as you would like to be treated… Love each other as I have loved you” – Jesus

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